Foundation Donation Project: LRAD - Model 100X

Donated: 21-Sep-2012

HPD's Hostage Negotiation Team received 4 (four) speakers purchased by the Foundation for its operations...

Several weeks ago, the Houston Police Department's Hostage Negotiation Team received 4 (four) speakers purchased by the Houston Police Foundation for its operations at a cost of approximately $9185 (with accessories).

The Long Range Acoustic Device (or LRAD for short) Model 100X is a portable and durable loudspeaker based on cutting edge sound technology.  Combined with the optional wireless kit and tactical carry bag that was also purchased by the Houston Police Foundation,  we can employ the loudest portable speaker on the market faster, safer, and with a better capabilities than we had in the past.  The LRADS have already been put into service and have operated with great success in our goal to attempt to communicate with armed and barricaded suspects to facilitate peaceful surrenders.

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