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Our Recently Funded Projects

The role of the Foundation is not to displace funding for basic law enforcement, or to reduce in any way the responsibility of the City of Houston to commit the necessary funding for law enforcement services for its citizens.

Tactical First Aid Kits

The Foundation funded the purchase of 500 Tactical First Aid Kits for the Houston Police Department.

Tactical Vest Covers

The Houston Police Foundation provided 700 Tactical Vest Covers for the HPD officers to use in the field with their bullet proof safety gear.

2013 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van

A 2013 Mercedes Benz Sprinter service vehicle was recently donated to the HOT team by the Free’s and Simmon’s foundation.

Accident Laser System

This equipment enables accident investigators to have the latest technology for accident reconstruction.

Auto Theft Equipment

Auto Theft

Crime Scopes for CSU

Crime Scopes are a visual enhancement tool that assists crime scene investigators in searching a scene for evidence.

Crisis Intervention Team

The CIT Unit required presentation equipment for the various community events presentations...

i2 Investigative Software

This software easily discovers duplicate information across multiple sources of data such as criminal case reports...

Investigator Laptops

The new laptops have the capable of managing multiple programs necessary for Accident Investigators.

LED Truck Sign Boards

The sign boards communicate messages and provide direction to motorists during major freeway incidents...

LRAD - Model 100X

HPD's Hostage Negotiation Team received 4 (four) speakers purchased by the Foundation for its operations...

Medical Kits & Tactical Training

Critical lifesaving training and medical kits for for our men and women in blue which could mean the difference between life and death.

Miscellaneous Items

In 2012 the Houston Police Foundation embarked upon a new endeavor to obtain financial support for Mounted Patrol through a horse sponsorship program.

Mounted Unit Equipment

A horse trailer and supplies were purchased to assist the Mounted Unit in their daily activities.

Officer Safety & Training Equipment

The Houston Police Department requests assistance through the Houston Police Foundation for protective gear and training equipment for The SRG.

Officer Safety / Training Equipment

The Police Foundation has supported the Narcotics Division by purchasing over $94,000.00 worth of equipment for training and enforcement operations

Polygraph Equipment

The new equipment offers audio and video recording equipment with playback capabilities.

Portable Weight Scales

Weight scales were purchased to aid the Truck Enforcement Unit to weight vehicles on the scene...

Rainwear (Trench Coats)

Assignments are performed by The Houston Police Honor Guard rain or shine, cold or hot. Coats are used to protect the officers from inclement weather conditions

Shooting Simulator

IES Interactive, Inc. - Shooting Simulator provides insight into deficiencies, policy issues and provide corrections.

SWAT Equipment

A variety of equipment was purchased to ensure the SWAT Division's needs were met.

Tactical Equipment for Special Threat Situations

Houston Police SWAT Officers are equipped with the necessary tactical gear and weapons essential for a safe and successful resolution to special threat situations.

Tactical Shoot House

The HPD SWAT Tactical Shoot House enables officers to practice in a tactical environment.

Technology / Software Equipment

The Houston Police Foundation has equipped the department’s Video Production Unit with the necessary equipment and software.

Technology Equipment

The CID Dignitary Protection / Threat Management Unit received the following equipment through contributions that were made to the Houston Police Foundation...

Tour Paks

The Tour Pak System allows officers to carry all essential equipment to be more efficient and effective.

Two (2) K-9

The Foundation recently purchased two (2) K-9 for the Canine detail. “Bear” and “Eron” are currently in training and will be put on street duty in early March, 2013.

Vericom 3000

Brake Test Computers allow investigators to gain knowledge into acceleration and deceleration during the accident...

Vetronix CDR's

Three Crash Data Retrieval Systems (CDR's) were purchased and assigned to accident investigators.

VistaFx Software

The tools are easy to use, faster and allows the download of data from Total Stations.

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